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Xero Report Update July 2023

Xero reports

It’s nearly time to retire your old-style reports.  If you are using old versions of Xero reports you may have noticed a warning similar to this popping up.

Xero report update 2023

For several years Xero has been updating and improving the standard reports on offer by creating more feature-rich versions, and have now reached the stage where they will be removing access to the old versions on 30th July 2023 at 7 pm.  You may have noticed many reports have versions marked “Old” or “New” to help you tell which is which.   So, if you regularly use the old style reports you will need to make a change to the new ones soon.

If you currently use custom reports that were created using the old style reports builder you will also need to move to the new style as you will lose access to the old style custom reports too.  Xero has created an importer tool to aid in moving from the old style to the new style, bringing through the reports’ row layouts and groupings.  There are some handy guidance on how to use them on the Xero Central website here.

As always, if you would like any help converting and building bespoke reports in Xero please let us know. Our specialist team is here to help with a range of Xero online accounting services.

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