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Tax Evasion Written On Desk Plaque

Tax evasion and the self-employed

The risks of tax evasion when Self-Employed Within the self-employment sector in the UK, some individuals are tempted to underreport their profits for tax evasion purposes. This practice may appear attractive for short-term gains but can have significant long-term consequences.…

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30 Hours Free Childcare Written On Blue Background With Toys Surrounding

30 Hours Free Childcare Scheme 2024

Understanding the UK's 30 Hours Free Childcare Scheme 2024 For parents in the UK, juggling work and childcare responsibilities is a delicate balancing act. The cost of childcare can often be prohibitive, making it challenging for families, particularly those with…

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Letter From HMRC Regarding Disclosure On Disposal Of Shares

Capital Gains Tax on sale of shares

Have you sold or disposed of any shares in the past few years and made a profit? If yes, did you remember to disclose this on your annual self-assessment tax return? Any sale of shares must be declared on your…

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Payroll News Written On A Mouse Mat

Payroll News 2024/5

Payroll News With the new tax year approaching fast, our Payroll news for 2024 below is a summary of information that will affect your payroll in 2024/25. Please take a moment to check the details as action may be needed…

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Furnished Holiday Lets Tax Regime Abolished Signified By Model House With Woooden Block Saying Tax

Furnished holiday lets tax regime abolished

In the 2024 budget, the Government has announced the furnished holiday lets tax regime will be abolished from April 2025 Several announcements in this week’s budget will affect property owners. Please take a moment to see if these affect you…

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Chancellor Holding Up Red Briefcase

Spring Budget 2024

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his ‘Budget for Long Term Growth’ on Wednesday 6 March 2024. His speech promised ‘more investment, more jobs, better public services and lower taxes’. Lowering taxes The Chancellor made further changes to National Insurance contributions (NICs),…

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Computer Screen Showing Stocks Crashing In Value Leading To Negligible Value Claims

Negligible value claims for shares

What are negligible value claims for shares and why do they matter to you? Have you purchased shares in a company which have ended up being worthless whilst you have owned them? If yes, you may be able to make…

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Woman With Head In Hands At Computer Trying To Sort Accounting Errors

Top five accounting errors

Accounting errors and how to avoid them Accounting errors are all too frequent which can have a detrimental impact upon any business. From incorrect financial statements affecting business decisions to penalties from HMRC, errors must be avoided at all costs.…

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Green Sign With Import And Export Relaing To VAT On Imports

Accounting for VAT on Imports – C79 and PVA

Businesses in the UK must pay import VAT on goods worth more than £135, since Brexit, this has included goods imported from the EU. Due to the potential cashflow implications this may have on businesses HMRC introduced an alternative to…

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Autumn Statement 2023

The Autumn Statement 2023

On 22 November 2023, Jeremy Hunt delivered the ‘Autumn Statement for Growth’. Against an improving economic backdrop, the Chancellor is keen to stimulate economic growth and highlighted 110 measures for businesses. In addition, there were significant statements relating to National…

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