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Man Using Property Management Software At His Desk

Property Management Software Options

We regularly review new software integrations with the view to help our clients manage their business and bookkeeping in the most efficient way possible.  Below are our latest suggestions for the best options for property management software in the tourism industry.

There are many different options available, with differing use cases, and we’ve narrowed them down to two different types for you.  Simple sales data transfer, or full property management software

Both types of software automate much of the (otherwise manual) data entry for the sales. Once set up and integrated with Xero the software records the sales and expected payments, as well as commissions paid to the various channels, each day.  Meaning bookkeeping time would be instead spent reconciling this against the bank.  This would reduce the amount of time spent completing the bookkeeping for the sales as this can be completely automated.

Simple sales data transfer

The first type of integration to consider is a simple data transfer, this works well for those who list their properties only on AirBnb and VRBO, our recommendation would be to use a software called BnBTally, as it provides the connection between Xero and AirBnB and/or VRBO.  If you would like to see a video of how the integration works please follow this link to their website.

Full property management software (PMS)

The other type of software, that we believe operations with more than one letting, or that list on more than one channel, would benefit from more directly is what is referred to as property management software or PMS for short.  The software becomes a central point for all the different channels you currently list your lettings on to “point at” including:

  • Streamlining calendar management,
  • customer contact,
  • updating your listings,
  • housekeeping management etc.

Businesses who use this type of software find it reduces the stress of managing multiple properties across multiple channels by becoming the central point of operations.

There are two main competitors whose software fulfils these additional requirements, they are Eviivo and Zeevou.  Both these property management software options connect to your own website as well as a wide selection of channels, including, AirBnB and VRBO, but also a vast list of additional channels you may wish to list on.  Once the lettings are set up in the software it is possible to use the details held to more quickly list on additional channels and potentially gain additional bookings increasing occupancy.

You can watch useful videos and find out more on the software’s own websites, click here for Eviivo or click here for Zeevou.

If setting up this type of software is something you would like to do please do get in touch.  We have contacts at these different property management software providers that we can reach out to for you, and can assist with the integration between your Xero account and chosen PMS.


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