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Woman Holiding The Letters PAYE To Signify How To Automatically Pay Your PAYE

Did you know you can now automatically pay your PAYE or CIS using the new HMRC direct debit system to ensure you never again forget to pay?

HMRC have now introduced the ability to automatically pay your PAYE or CIS each month by Direct Debit which means you will no longer have to remember to pay at the right time. It’s all done automatically for you.

How to set up to automatically pay your PAYE or CIS

You can set up the Direct Debit through your business’s online Government Gateway. If you do not have an online account yet please follow this link to get one set up.

A Gateway is a really useful way of tracking any payments you make and checking all of your business tax liabilities in one place. If you need any help with this please do contact us.

You will be given the option of setting up a single or automatic direct debit. If you want to automatically pay your PAYE or CIS each month please choose the second option.

Once set up HMRC will automatically collect the payment from your bank account based on the amount in your return. If you are a payroll Bureau client of Maynard Johns we submit this return for you. You’ll only need to set the Direct Debit up once.

You will need to set it up at least 6 working days before your payment due date. So if you want it to start in February you need to log on by 9th February to get this done.

HMRC will usually take the payment either:

  • shortly after the 22nd of the month
  • 4 working days after your return has been submitted if it is submitted after the 19th of the month

HMRC will tell you the date and amount no later than 3 working days before the payment is collected. The payments will show on your bank statement as ‘HMRC SDDS’.

So that’s just one more thing you don’t need to remember to do!

If you would like more details on our payroll and CIS service that can give you complete peace of mind, please contact us.

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