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Tax Planning and Advice for your business and your family

Our Tax Planning and Advice Department is available to any business or individual whether or not you are an accountancy client of our firm. We are happy to work alongside your existing accountant to use our expertise in helping you reach the best possible solution to your tax planning.

The best tax planning is planning that is done well in advance. We, therefore, encourage our clients to discuss future plans with us so that we are able to offer tax effective solutions to minimise your liabilities.

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Tax Review
We also offer a tax review to all new clients to ensure that your affairs are structured in a tax efficient manner. In addition to our chartered accountants, we have a Chartered Tax Advisor within our team with a wealth of experience in tax planning for both corporate and individual tax clients and is able to simplify the most complex of tax issues.

Areas that we can help you with:

Business Ownership Structure
Making sure that your business is structured to take advantage of all tax allowances and maximising your family’s wealth.

Buying Property
Advising you on new property together with considering your long term plans to minimise tax liabilities.

When purchasing business property ensuring that a breakdown of purchase price is advantageous to you to maximise claims for tax qualifying expenditure.

The Use of a SIPP (Self Invested Pension Plan)
Where you are considering the use of a SIPP for the purchase of new property or the transfer of existing we can carry out the tax computations to advise you on the best time and method of doing so.

We work closely with many local financial advisors to achieve the best results for you.

Selling Property
Helping minimise your tax burden on the sale of property and getting the time scale right. There is now a 30 day time limit to report and pay Capital Gains tax on the sale of UK property.

Tax Efficient Profit Extraction
When you want to get your money out of your business we can help you plan various ways in doing this to minimise your tax exposure.

Buying A Business
Ensuring you achieve the right price and breakdown of assets purchased to maximise future tax allowances.

Selling a Business
Advising you on the various routes to achieve a business sale and the tax implication for you and your family. We can also supply detailed valuations.

Moving Abroad
Advising you on the change in your tax status when moving abroad for work or permanently and assisting you on your return to the UK.

VAT Planning
Helping you to assess the impact of VAT registration on your business and dealing with the process on your behalf.

Advising you on the VAT treatment of various transactions for VAT purposes.

Inheritance Tax
Advising you on the inheritance tax position of your estate together with planning to minimise the liabilities. Helping you structure your affairs in the most tax efficient method in conjunction with the planning of your wills.

Retirement Pensions Forecasting
Obtaining forecasts of your likely state pension and helping you plan your national insurance contributions.

Tax Investigations
Assisting you when HM Revenue and Customs want to enquire into your affairs, dealing with the questions, correspondence and accompanying you to meetings with the Inspector.

UK tax legislation is complex and covers a multitude of areas.
If what you need is not included above we will still be able to help you so please contact us.

Visit us in our Bideford office or give us a call!

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