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Business Advice and Planning

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Our Business Advice and Consultancy Service is available to all whether or not you are an accountancy client of Maynard Johns. We are happy to use our expertise to assist you with any of your business challenges. In many cases we can work alongside your existing accountant so that you receive the best possible all round advice.

As your advisor we want to get to know you and help you reach your goals, assisting you on your business journey from start up through to retirement. During this time, most businesses face a number of challenges and decisions and we have the knowledge and experience to help you in making the right ones.

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Having started and grown our own business from scratch in 2003, we are able to share our experiences and empathise with you as a business owner. So whether you are starting your business and want some guidance, running an established business and dealing with growth or winding down and looking for retirement solutions we are able to assist you.

As we are Chartered Accountants we will not only look at the best strategy for your business but also the best tax solutions to reach your goals. For longer term business advice and development needs we also have trained and qualified mentors in our team that are able to work with you.

Topics covered in our business advice and planning sessions

Starting a Business
We have specialist advice on all aspects of starting a business from sales and cash flow forecasting to applying for finance.

Purchasing a Business
We can assess the financial position of any business you are looking to purchase and help you negotiate the right price.

Dealing with all aspects of the formation of your company and explaining clearly the issues involved and how they affect you.

Buying Business Property
Advising you on how the price is broken down and in whose name the property is purchased is vital for your ongoing tax planning and we will help you get this right from the start.

Pricing for Profitability
Helping you price your products and services and incorporate new revenue streams to maximise your business profit.

SWOT Analysis
Identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to build your
basic business plan.

Raising Finance
Helping you to create your business plans and cashflows in support of applications for grants or loans and other finance opportunities.

Cost Saving Strategies
Helping identify cost saving strategies to help increase business efficiency and working practices and boost sales.

Understanding Your Accounts
In explaining the figures in your accounts and what they tell you about your business to help you make more informed decisions going forward.

Change in ownership
Whether you are welcoming a new partner or shareholder or looking to pass your business to the next generation we can help you plan this to achieve the best results.

Tax Efficient Profit Extraction
When you want to get your money out of your business we can help you plan various ways in doing this to minimise your tax exposure.

Planning for Retirement
Whether you plan to sell your business or pass it to the next generation we can help you prepare your business for this event and assist with a smooth changeover.

In all of the decisions above we will always make sure that we chose the most tax efficient method for your decision.

For business advice and planning, visit us in our Bideford office or give us a call!

Telephone 01237 472071

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