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Now that MTD for VAT is well underway, we have had a few queries from clients that keep popping up as people are registering.  Here they are and the answers to help you get ready for MTD quickly and easily.    We have created a step-by-step video walking you through the process of how to inform HMRC and make sure that you are able to submit your next VAT return and remain compliant.     You can view this at

How do I know that I have registered correctly?

When you register for MTD with HMRC you will be asked a series of questions about your business and how you want to be contacted.  Once you press submit you will be directed to a screen that says ‘We have received your information and gives you some details of what happens next.  Once you see that screen you have successfully submitted your information to HMRC.

Will I receive an email in 72 hours?

Everyone is supposed to receive an email from HMRC within 72 hours.  Please note that these are working days only, so if you submit your request on a Friday afternoon then Saturday and Sunday don’t count in that 72 hours.

We have had some cases of an email not being received.  So it is worth logging into your chosen software and trying to connect it to HMRC after 72 hours have elapsed.  If it connects, your email has just been lost within the system and if it does not connect then you may need to go back and re-register with HMRC.

I’ve registered with HMRC and got my email but my VAT in my bookkeeping software is still the same – what’s wrong?

Once you have your email from HMRC (or 72 working hours have elapsed) you then need to go into your bookkeeping software and connect it to HMRC.  The way to do this will vary slightly depending on the software you use but will require you to change to MTD for VAT and you will need to enter your government gateway credentials to connect.

For Xero users, we have created this step-by-step video on how to do this:   For assistance with other software, please contact us.

I’ve connected but can’t see my VAT return – where is it?

HMRC still has to release the VAT periods to the software so that the software can see what is needed.  As HMRC are really busy at the moment there may be a short delay where you have access to MTD returns but your current quarter is not showing, if doesn’t appear within a few days of receiving your email, contact HMRC.

How long will my software stay connected to HMRC?

The connection between your software and HMRC is supposed to last for 18 months before you need to enter your government gateway details again.  However, due to the new nature of the returns, the connection for some businesses has dropped out before this.  If this happens you simply need to reconnect your software to HMRC using your government gateway login.

I’m using Sage but it won’t connect to HMRC – why not?

Some versions of Sage will only connect to HMRC if your default internet browser is Internet Explorer.  If you are having difficulties connecting, please check that Internet Explorer is your default browser and try again.

If you need advice or assistance regarding MTD or any other matter do not hesitate to call us on 01237 472071 or email

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