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Green Sign With Import And Export Relaing To VAT On Imports

Accounting for VAT on Imports – C79 and PVA

Businesses in the UK must pay import VAT on goods worth more than £135, since Brexit, this has included goods imported from the EU. Due to the potential cashflow implications this may have on businesses HMRC introduced an alternative to…

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VAT On Keyboard Signifying Self-serve Time To Pay For VAT Customers

Self-serve Time to Pay for VAT customers

In addition to self- serve time to pay arrangements for self-assessment, HMRC has now launched self-serve time for VAT registered business subject to certain conditions. These conditions are as below: The business must: Be VAT registered; Owe £20,000 or less;…

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Act Now Words On Blackboard With Clock As Paper Forms To Register For VAT Are Removed

Making Tax Digital deadline for VAT

The deadline for Making Tax Digital for VAT is less than a month away. Find out what to do to be ready and avoid any penalties What is Making Tax Digital Making Tax Digital (MTD) is an initiative by HMRC…

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Are You Unsure Whether To Use Making Tax Digital Software

Making Tax Digital software vs spreadsheets

Are you unsure whether to use Making Tax Digital software or spreadsheets for your tax returns? For businesses wanting to continue using spreadsheets, we outline the benefits vs the disadvantages. What is Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT registered businesses?…

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