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Hubdoc And Xero Logos

Hubdoc vs Xero files

The difference between Hubdoc and Xero files for managing your bookkeeping and accounting records. How to provide your records for bookkeeping? We are often asked not only what records we need to complete bookkeeping for a business, but also how…

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Xero Accounting Software Logo

Xero Accounting Software Tips

Getting the most out of Xero accounting software You have your Xero accounting software set up and are using it for the basics, but are you using it to its full advantage? Below are our top 10 tips to get…

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Xero Report Update July 2023

Xero report update 2023

Xero reports It’s nearly time to retire your old-style reports.  If you are using old versions of Xero reports you may have noticed a warning similar to this popping up. For several years Xero has been updating and improving the…

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Xero multi-factor authentication becomes mandatory

Xero multi-factor authentication to become mandatory between 14 June – 2 July 2021 When you set up your Xero software you would have been given the option to use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) as a way to keep your data extra…

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