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Capital Gains Tax Calculator Service

Would you like a Capital Gains Tax calculator to help you calculate how much you owe and submit all required details to HMRC within the required 60 days? If so, help is on hand.

Our online service allows you to pay capital gains tax online. Provide us with certain details and we quickly calculate the capital gains tax on the sale of your property. This must then be submitted within the 60-day filing window, which we can do for you.

How does our capital gains tax calculator service work?

  1. You will complete our online form
  2. We will send you a link to a secure upload area and ask you to upload ID, one photographic and one showing your address e.g a bank statement or utility bill. We will also ask you to upload the completion statement from when you bought the property and when you sold it where relevant. These will give us important information that will reduce the tax you pay.
  3. You will book an online video call to have your ID verified. Once we have received this booking you will receive an Email with instructions on how to join this meeting which will be held by Zoom. If you prefer to use Teams or WhatsApp please indicate this when booking. Please ensure you have the ID you have uploaded into our form at this meeting.
  4. We will provide a quote for the work by E-Mail for you to accept. Prices start at £495 plus VAT for the computation and £110 plus VAT per submission.( We have reduced rates for accountancy clients)
  5. We will then set up an online e-signing service for you and send an engagement letter for you to approve. Please note we cannot start work until your ID has been verified and the engagement letter has been signed.
  6. We will send you instructions on how to authorise us with HMRC to do the filing for you. For details on the process please see our Capital Gains Tax on UK Property page.
  7. We will carry out the Capital Gains Tax calculator on Property computation for you. If we need any further details we will contact you.
  8. Once everything is computed we will E-Mail you and send you an invoice as agreed for the tax work.
  9. When the invoice is paid we will upload details of the computation to our e-signing portal for you to agree.
  10. Once agreed we will upload it to HMRC on your behalf if required.
  11. At the end of the tax year, if you have requested us to do so, we will contact you to collect everything else to complete your self-assessment tax return. There will be a separate fee for this service starting at £150 plus VAT per return.

All of this from the comfort of your home.

To use our Capital Gains Tax Calculator service get in touch now on 01237 472071.

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